Lost in C#

The game „Lost in C#“ was created for the Global Game Jam 2020 within the course of two days. This was the second time I teamed up with the wonderful Thalia Darkow and we made this beautiful game.

„Lost in C#“ is a game about the usage of the programming language C# to help the main character overcome a variety of mostly unblissful situations. But as one might know, even if you are the best coder, bugs just might happen…

Is the kraken ticklish, or should the kraken rather be a wind turbine? You decide!

Very fun with a lot of replay value. Would love to see more of it 🙂

Alex Robbins

Game Curator also created a blog post featuring our game https://game-curator.com/jams/global-game-jam-2020-lost-in-c-sharp/ as well as a playthrough video!

Experience the fun storytelling yourself at https://likeaguest.itch.io/lost-in-c-sharp as a download for mac or windows, as well as online!