Penguin with a pumpgun

„Penguin with a pumpgun“ was my very first entry for a game jam. The jam was hosted by our university and had the quite provocative theme „RADICAL PENGUIN STRIKES AGAIN“.

I teamed up with Kevin Andersch, Konstantin Schubert and Najor M. Perez. As it was a 24h game jam, we had to quickly come up with a fun idea, which led us to create a blood splatter fest!

In „penguin with a pumpgun“ you can choose between multiple weapons to defeat unlimited waves of evil penguin zombies!

This game won the jam!

„Sooooo viiiieeeelll Blut. Erwartet man erst gar nicht, aber passt ganz gut. Da kann man sicher noch ein spaßiges Multiplayer-Spiel daraus machen.“

„Sooooo much blood. You don’t even expect it, but it fits quite well. It could make a fun multiplayer game.“


You can download or even play it online at and have fun dying!